Sunday, July 18, 2004

The same site which has the Jan Smithers compendium also has some pages dedicated to Melinda Culea (or more accurately, to her character Amy Allen on The A-Team).
I think that Amy Allen and Bailey Quarters have some striking commonalities.  Bailey was a subdued but striking beauty who was overshadowed by Jennifer Marlowe.  For her part, Amy was later replaced by Tawnia Baker, who was supposed to be a radiant and sexy beauty; however, just as Bailey was more appealing than Jennifer, Amy was much more appealing than Tawnia.
They even have similar physical types.   They both had trim, model-like figures, and a nice pair of legs.  (Some of the photos on this page show that Melinda Culea had nice gams.  Sadly, neither Jan nor Melinda captured much attention in the press for their looks.  I don't understand why.)

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