Sunday, July 30, 2006

I've been thinking about who can possibly be recast in the original WKRP roles. This is a tough order, of course, as it's nearly impossible to recapture that kind of chemistry.

I would cast Debbe Dunning as Jennifer. (A younger Debbe would work better, but I suspect that she could pull this off in any event.)

I think that Traylor Howard would make a good Bailey Quarters. Perhaps even Karen Austin in her younger Night Court days.

I can't think of a single guy who could play Venus, as the current batch of black actors appears to be all too vulgar, making it difficult to judge how they'd fit the role. Perhaps Morgan Freeman could have done it in his younger days. I suppose that Wayne Brady would do well, and he'd lend some musical flair to it, too.

Andy Travis? Any number of pretty boy straightmen could do it. Les Nessman? A virtual unknown would probably be required, as this takes a certain level of quirkiness. Among the established actors though, I think that Colin Mochrie would be best.

Herb Tarlek? I dunno. I suspect that any number of sleazoids could play this role. I vote for Ryan Stiles.

What about the Big Guy? I vote for Drew Carey. Maybe George Wendt could do it too, although I think Carey would be more suitable. Or maybe Ving Rhames, if he can pull off comedy.

And Doctor Johnny Fever? I dunno; Howard Hesseman would be a tough act to follow. I vote for Diedrich Bader, though.

Hmmm... It's interesting how most of these choices come from the Drew Carey Show and Whose Line Is it Anyway? families.

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