Monday, April 16, 2007

Do you know who else would make for a good Jennifer Marlowe? Print model Joanna Krupa strikes me as a good choice.

Oh, sure. She doesn't have Loni's voluptuous curves either, but she's still a world-class model. What's more, she knows how to move like a model. Like many of these supermodel types, she knows how to walk in a way that exudes femininity and sensuality. I think this would provide an interesting new take on WKRP's legendary receptionist gal.

On an unrelated note... Was anyone else irked by the fact that Bailey was the one who always filled in for Jennifer at the receptionist's desk? Was this subtle sexism on the writers' part? Or was it simply that Bailey was a junior staff member, and that most of the other cast members were way too dysfunctional to be answering the phone or welcoming visitors?

Just wondering.

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